Discovering Tibeten treasures…. belts, rings, necklaces, hats and beaded purses are a just a few to mention.
Most of these finds are one of a kind hand made from their native country.
Its a slightly chilly day at the market but the vendors have perfected dressing warm for a long day of selling outside.
One of great finds at the flea markets are vintage cameras. There is always an abundance of choices to choose from…
or how about a vintage radio… hmmm most of them still work.
Motor cycle jackets never go out of style and here you will find an assortment of styles and choices…
 a very rare pair of cowboy platform boots for an extremely cool rock star
lets buy this trophy and pretend we won an award for something
This women is so kind and keeps her head warm with her very own hand made hats and gloves that she makes and sells,  her other items are also hand made and imported from her country in Tibet.
You will always find the most unusual glasses and sunglasses from all decades.
some photos taken by Ana Maria
The day comes to an end and must clean the silver , fun fun fun!