I love Happy Smiles!!!!!!


The Fashion Buzz Now ……..is at the Metropolitian Museum where Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty is holding the exhibit. On view are his elaborate, sci-fi, provocative, thought provoking peices which made me think of what beautiful tall alien robots coming to invade earth would look like.
Each room became more and more intriguing to the eye. Some scary, some romantic but
I must say I highly suggest the audio tour for a few dollars to anyone who wants a solid understanding of who “Lee” was about and what his influences were. Shalom Harlow speaks of one of the most interesting performance she did for one his shows. It adds so much more to the exhibit to hear the narrations of his friends and peirs.
Before or after McQueen, Fashion Buzz Now recommends taking a quick look at the “Night Vision: Photograhy After Dark. Some photo’s to look out for were from John Cohen 1960- Tenth St. @ night, Albert Langdon- Broadway @ night ca 1910, Brassai- Big Alberts Gang and many more interesting shots.