The Glitz and Glamour at the Brooklyn Flea Market.
The Brooklyn Flea Market was as usual full of life and delicate vintage antique jewelry, authentic old army bags and jackets from the 60’s and 70’s with heavy sturdy leather straps and an assortment of vintage handmade dresses and clogs.
Inspiration is found all around you from the local fashionista’s.
But before and after the glitz and glamour of it all, there’s the packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, packing and loading. I got tired just writing that, image the hard work that goes into putting this all together.
When I interviewed them they all said it was well worth it.
The pulling and dragging, lifting and organizing that goes into setting up a stand that will divinely display their  antique collections.
All these people from all different backgrounds come together and share their passion for the flea market.
These people enjoy what they do. They were all so welcoming and made this photo documentary possible by lending their stories. Fashion Buzz Now would like to say thank you to all that participated and allowed us to share our experience at the Brooklyn Flea.
: )