So lets discuss this, black on black with black is here to stay and will always turn up so let’s embrace it somehow and do something with it. It’s safe to say that black is safe but there is always an occasion where you just have to wear it.  The first picture I posted is a WOW factor because without the funky shoes it would just be a plain black dress and nothing more but the red lips, red nails and of course the boxing gloves she is carrying is a bit of a mystery but brings out this cool factor and perhaps she was just on her way to the gym for a boxing class after attending a fashion show of course.

The second photo of the full on black suit caught my eye because he choose black on black. I imaged he had a full work day of fashion shows, meetings, lunches and dinners and needed a very sophisticated way to present himself without going home to change as well as say: I am a confident man and chose to wear all black today, tomorrow will be different.

This third photo reminds me of a women in the fashion business. She is the business of fashion and she is telling us she is presentable, classic and wants to display that she is behind the scene she is not the scene. She wants to be taken seriously about her career but she loves shoes so there it is.

To wear all black or to not wear all black. We can’t escape it. It is here to stay but I urge you everyday black wearing humans do not be a robot everyday, choose your black combinations with thought and effort but don’t forget that color brightens your day and everyone else’s day around you so be courageous and put away your blacks at least five days out of your week.

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