OK So here we are. It’s fashion week in Danmark and here is your first dose of this seasons thread trends. I started by meeting my friend (who so kindly helped me with my second camera) in front of the Nimb hotel to see The Edith & Ella Autumn/ Winter 13 show which is in the center of Copenhagen right across the street from Central Station.

And if your familiar with Copenhagen it’s right next door to the famous Tivoli Gardens. One of the oldest amusements parks in the world. The one that turned Michael Jackson down when he offered to buy it.

I first took notice of the Edith and Ella brand while visiting the shop in Louisiana (The Museum Of Modern Art) where there is an amazing view of Sweden.

Edith and Ella is a Danish brand that was founded in 2004 by designer Line Markvarden. She is known for her take on feminine mystique, sweet, warm and fun mix of colors she involves in her collections.

The first color seen was of the yellow spectrum, mustard-goldenrod-buff chrome and then came the grape color schemes with blacks and creams. The brightest reds with metallic blues and soft blue and pink pastels.  Did I forget to mention plaid is included. Yes, all in one collection. All the colors that welcome you into fall and winter.

It’s a collection that makes you want to trade in your entire wardrobe for this one. So versatile it’s possible to do anything with each piece. Ok we can’t trade in our whole wardrobe but anything in this collection is worth having.

This series was playful, young and fresh, so bright and full of life. I image no matter what mood your in, the day you slip into one of these garments you will feel inspired to do whatever comes your way. It’s the clothes we dream about and wish existed and now they do thanks to Line Markvardsen we have it.

Alright now I’m on my way to another show. Please come back for more photos and more shows.

OK OK you wanna know about the tights right? They are from Sneaky Fox.