Embracing Life with Edith & Ella is just what fashion designer Line Markvardsen has done with her brand.

Line who was raised in Middelfart on Funen, Denmark founded her company in 2004 and started out as a wholesale business and by 2005 opened the flagship store in Copenhagen. Since then it has become a very strong brand that sells in as many as 110 shops all over Europe and will now introduce her Spring/Summer 14 collection to the New York City market for the first time.


This season’s Spring/ Summer14  collection is called “Embracing Life”. The selection of fabrics and styles within her collections leave the imagination open for any stylish tom-boy, girly girl, preppy school girl and business women, all in one collection.  The versatility of the line allows you to mix and match your mood for just about every occasion in your life.

Line is known for her colorful and playful peices that exude confidence and an energetic personality. This collection let’s the girl in you come out for work, play and encourages you to embrace life. Edith & Ella embodies the girl in every women that desires style, quality and functionality in their wardrobe.


Charity is another incentive to love this brand. Edith & Ella has sold charity items from the collections where part of the sale go to reputable charities to help pay school fees, books for poor children, medicine for elderly and handicapped, water pumps, clothing, shoes and toys. Two of the charities that Edith & Ella have contributed to are UNRWA (United Nations Relieve and Works Energy) and SOS Bornebyerne (in English translate to SOS Children’s Villages) who are both dedicated to giving a voice to impoverished societies.


Edith & Ella is represented by Fashion Buzz Now in New York and will be showing the

SS/14 Collection at Capsule from Sept.15-17th.- one of the most important and exclusive showroom fairs for buyers and press in New York.

The Edith & Ella team at Capsule from left to right: Patrizia Penelope Logstrup – Head of Purchasing & Logistics, Nina Miller Sanchez – Sales Agent USA and Charlotte Dybdal Larsen – Head of Export Sales & Marketing