January 28, 2014

By Nina Miller Sanchez, Fashion Buzz Now, Staff Writer for The Danish Pioneer Newspaper – 

Edith & Ella A/W14

Line Markvardsen, who was raised in Middelfart on Funen, founded “Edith & Ella” in 2004 and started out as a wholesale business and by 2005 opened the flagship store in Copenhagen. Since then, it has become a very strong brand that sells in more than one hundred shops all over Europe.

Line is known for her colorful and playful pieces that exude confidence with an energetic feel. Her collections let the girl in you come out for work and play.  Edith & Ella embodies the girl in every women that desires style, quality, functionality and fun in their wardrobe.

Click to enlarge image. (Photo courtesy of Edith & Ella)

Click to enlarge image. (Photo courtesy of Edith & Ella)

This season’s Autumn/Winter14  collection is called“A Gentleman’s Touch”. The story of the collection is walking through a park in autumn while daydreaming hanging out with a handsome gentleman wasting the day away. The selection of fabrics and styles within this collection leave the imagination open for any stylish tom-boy, girly girl, preppy school girl and business women to explore options stylishly all in one collection.  The versatility of the line allows you to mix and match the styles for just about every occasion in your daily life.

Charity is another incentive to love this brand. Edith & Ella has sold charity items from some of the collections where part of the sale go to reputable charities to help pay school fees, books for poor children, medicine for elderly and handicapped, water pumps, clothing, shoes and toys. Some of the charities that Edith & Ella have contributed to are UNRWA (United Nations Relieve and Works Energy) and SOS Bornebyerne (which in English translates to SOS Children’s Villages) who are both dedicated to giving a voice to impoverished societies.

Click to enlarge image. (Photo courtesy of Edith & Ella)

Click to enlarge image. (Photo courtesy of Edith & Ella)

Edith & Ella is represented in New York by Nina Miller and will be showing the full collection at the Capsule Women’s Show in New York this February 22-24, 2014.

For more information, contact:

Fashion Buzz Now

New York / Copenhagen
PHONE: 646-481-2310
SKYPE: Fashionbuzznow – Ariandonyx



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