Indian Summer Collection appropriately titled included black face paint,
satchel belts, colorful headbands and lots of knits.
The hair was extreme perfection and held a lot of attention.
The perfect dress jacket for the indian summer cool breezes.
This dress was the perfect off the shoulder and above the knee length.
Brian C. Hawkins was the lead make-up artist for this event. Brian is an
Educator and Artist for Mirabella Beauty 
who was the official make-up sponsor for the show. Kat Fortunato was part of the make-up team as well. A beautiful flawless complexion and then the native warrior stripes on the face was a great combination that went well with the theme. Very well done.
As the models walked on the runway, their hands were drenched in
dripping fresh black paint.
The longest dress was held up ever so carefully above the ground as to not
pick up droplets of black paint left behind by the models passing.
A close up of the models hand dipped in paint.
It seemed the black paint on the floor could not be ignored.
As the show moved closer to its end,
the stains on the catwalk had its own story to tell.
As soon as the show was over the models hurried behind the scenes and we got a quick glimpse of
the immediate rush to wash the paint off.
These beautiful pieces hanging on the racks became a backdrop for the bevy of
interviews that awaited the designer.
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