Maxjenny Forslund is the name behind the Max Jenny clothing brand which is based in Copenhagen. Maxjenny studied at The Royal Danish School of Design and specializes in folding fabrics with high quality sustainable material.
The set-up for this season’s fashion show was a little different from the rest. The “front row” was sectioned off on the stage as part of the stage.
The show started with a display of cartoons on two big projector screens on each side of the seating section. It suggested a feeling of nostalgia reminding you of those bright sunny weekend’s when your parents surprised you with a day at the circus and Sunday morning cartoons in front of the TV screen. The event was a fun, delightful and colorful fun-filled collection with stripes, squares and balloons to add some adventure. The models were cast appropriately and walked the runway displaying a youthful air with a strong attitude.