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Copenhagen based

MAXJENNY is a niched and pioneering fashion brand, situated in Copenhagen, totally dedicated to innovation, wearability and function. MAXJENNY is designed, constructed and run by Maxjenny Forslund. With her avant-garde work, she is one of the most acclaimed artistic talents in Scandinavia and one of the most innovative fashion- and print designers at the moment. MAXJENNY are sold in Denmark, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan and Norway. Agents in the US, Germany, Holland and Denmark.


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Maxjenny interview

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Maxjenny Forslund, autodidact fashion designer, from The Royal Danish School of Design, in Denmark. I specialize in printed fabrics/outfits, prints I do myself and my speciality is folding fabric from high-quality sustainable materials and I totally apply the art form, reduction of seams. I strive to avoid sharp boundaries between the seasons. Style that works well transcends seasonal trends.

How did you start designing clothes?

I actually have a degree in Furniture and Spatial Design from The Royal Danish School of Design. Though I have always been interested in fashion on a happy-shopping-amateur-wannabe-level. You get the short version :-) – Some time after my graduation when all my designbusiness was up and running high speed, I started on a project called ‘Seven-Seven’. I designed seven articles (products and furniture, handtufted carpets, wallpaper coffe tables, sofa, glassworks etc…) in seven colours. I created seven highly advanced outfits in seven different colours (obviously)-pattern making is not that far from designing a chair with all measurements in mind :-) and the idea was born and I realized my skill. I have a great eye for pattern making and colourcombos. I signed up for a fashion fair abroad – Berlin Fashion Week and it became an instant succse´-the rest is history.

What are your sources or inspiration?

The source comes out of limits, interesting technics and intelligent materials. Playing with reduction of seams. My inspiration comes from boundaries, texture in fabrics, color and colour combinations. I primarily work with smart drapings, drapes that can do something-multifunctionality for example and I like squares. I get very creative with limits. Limits challenge me. If you have the sky, it is hard to choose, and you can get blurry. Limits tighten and sharpen your mind. My inspiration originates from within myself and is highly personal – for me real fashion is simply art.

Your news? Your projects ?

My printed outfits photographed by Bill Cunningham and on the cover of his Style section in the NY Times was very cool and very new. Next project is to translate my colourful collection of prints onto knitted items, make co-labs with eyewear, boots, swim wear etc-you can apply my prints on anything-expand into Japan and Asia is also our next step.


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