Moonspoon Saloon Spring/Summer 2014 in Copenhagen

By Julie Lindblad Thygesen, photos by Nina Sanchez

Moonspoon Saloon’s Spring/Summer 2014 Friday evening was the last show of the week – and what a way to end Copenhagen Fashion Week! Moonspoon Saloon had an excited audience in the palm of their hands from the time the first model entered the catwalk in bright colors and seventies inspired platform shoes that could be straight out of “Saturday Night Fever”. And you could hear the audience going “aaaah” and whistle with each new style presented from the new collection, called ‘Disco Glam’,  that is both amazingly bold, refreshing and playful.  Moonspoon Saloon remembers one important thing: Fashion should be fun! And it is when you are in the company of Moonspoon Saloon.




Moonspoon Saloon is a fashion label by the artists Sara Sachs, Evren Tekinoktay and Tal R. With studios in Los Angeles and Copenhagen the trio clashes native Scandinavian design with loud west coast celebrity style in their own unique way. The new collection featured both dresses, skirts, tops, trousers, vests and skin tight cat suits. The collection is inspired by Prince, and you could clearly see that The Artist was a great source of  inspiration in the design that featured a vast amount of glitter, bold colors, stripes, harlequin squares and fun patterns that would be fit for any stage show.

Tine Knapp, from the fashion week sponsor,  put it just right, when she said about the shows “This is fashion at its best – you can’t help to be in a great mood after seeing all the talents Denmark has to offer international fashion. We couldn’t agree more.