Natasja Qvitzau Lund is the designer behind Nuit Comme Oui.
The name of the brand is French and translated into Danish
is her name in three words. Origami is the basic inspiration for these designs.
She uses paper to start in the design process.
Natasja wants the line to be user friendly by making each piece one size only and allowing the user
to join in the creating process of building your own base underneath these sheer pieces.
The materials used are made of 100 percent cotton with just a few silk additions to the collection.
The designs were held up with very thin string and hung on light hangers  which brought out
the way the materials fall, forcing you to use your imagination of how to work with them.
Natasja is very clear about what she expects from the wearer of her designs . A very confident comfortable feeling of wearing a piece that is both the designer and the wearer’s own identity.
Thank you Nuit Comme Oui for sharing your inspiration.