Stina Ladefoged is a Danish brand founded in 2009. She concentrates on knitwear and jersey garments. She experimented with different techniques on a knitting machine and created draping and bulky gauge. The materials used are high quality yarns and wool fabrics.

Do you like to be noticed? I mean really noticed.  Are you ready to be absolutely fabulous when you walk into a room? Yes, that’s where I’m going with this. You will be the center of attention.

What would happen if aliens landed on a farm and wanted to impersonate humans wearing the most intricate well made knitwear clothing? Use your imagination of course. Stine told me that her concept came from the idea of skulls , skeletons and bones with sculptural details. Ribs, spine like shapes were all her inspiration for this collection.

Black, grey, cordovan and cream are working this collection. A weaving of braided wool trimming for the outline of the sweaters, a jumpsuit with exposed waistlines, a ruffle of cream knits serve as outer shoulder pads.

Have you been noticed lately?