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Thais Lima

New York based

Inspired by the reality of modern life and informed by modern design, Thaïs’ line converges high style with practicality.

She flirts with contradictions in design—simple yet unique, progressive yet timeless, loud yet soft—to make an instant impact. Her clothing is strong enough to stand on its own—finishing touches included—making it effortless to look and feel razor sharp.

Originally from Brazil, the New York City-based designer has always been connected to fashion. As a creative director with 15 years of experience in the advertising industry, Thaïs led global campaigns for fashion and beauty giants such as: Calvin Klein, Gap, Coach, Nike, Sephora and Coty, as well as influenced the foundation of fashion-tech startups that are shaking up the industry.

Owner of unique sense of style, Thaïs’ outfits often rendered her appearances in style blogs and magazines. Experiencing firsthand how fashion can cultivate confidence, Thais developed a keen eye for creating pieces that emanate classic beauty, with an edgy finish.


Thais Lima


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