Fashion Buzz Now arrived early to get in line for our documentary on fashion, style and personality. And what better designer to start the season off with… the answer – Ivana Helsinki, a designer from Finland.  As the prepping continues Paola Suhonen and her sister Pirjo come together to work out the kinks before the start of the show. The Ivana Helsinki collection this season is everything about childhood family memories and friendships, smoky rooms with carpeted floors and ease dropping as a child under the table while listening to adult conversation.
She spoke of how the art of print design influenced her in creating beautiful print fabrics that are made for wear. The clothes look comfortable and versatile. She is the kind of designer that makes you want to become a collector. Ivana Helsinki practices ethical production in her company and designs responsibly.
As the minutes get closer to the show there was plenty of time to check texts, emails and tweets.
Backstage is where the magic happens. Last minute clothing adjustments add just the right touch.
A touch up here and there by a Mirabella expert. Brian C. Hawkins who is the Lead Make-up Artist and Hair stylist as well as an Educator and Artist for the Mirabella Beauty brand (the official makeup sponsor for the show) has now made this his 3rd season working with the designer. He was so kind and gave FBN a video interview where he explained how the concept was developed with the idea of working with fall and winter colors incorporated with the colorful print fabrics of this seasons collection.
Happy models pre-show
Happy guests …
and of course pretty smiles are welcome always.
This gentleman was the life of the party and also was kind enough to  give FBN a video interview.
It was so nice to see Paola and Pirjo’s parents spotted front row seats of course and proud as can be.
Paola Suhonen at the end of her of show. And what a success by the look on her face.
Absolutely worth a tweet.
Shortly after arriving at the after party Paola was headed for more interviews. The party was held at her new New York store located @ 251 Elizabeth Street (between Prince and Houston)
Complete with catering and Brazilian gorgeous DJ Elle Dee
Here’s to meeting new friends.
A very shy photographer who is a good friend of Paola.